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We have a wide range of machinery:

  • 50" and 100" CNC cutters
  • 2.5 D flat-bed milling machine
  • 3 × water jet cutting systems (max. 6 x 3,5 m)
  • 5-axis milling gantry robot
  • 3-axis and 4-axis milling machines
  • various 3D printers (max. 800 × 800 mm)
  • various hydraulic high-pressure presses
  • various PLC-controlled 2-component mixing machines
  • degassing system for the highest resin quality in the RIM process
  • spray booth
  • curing oven 3 × 3 x 2 m, up to 175°C

Bestand: Pressen

Type of pressPressing area (mm)Free space (mm)HeatingPresskraft (t)PLCt/m²
1Flat press1350 x 3000450max. 130 °C120X29,6
2Spotting press1500 x 26001000on the tool40X10,3
3Spotting press1600 x 25001400on the tool100X25,0
4Flat press1350 x 2400400max. 200 °C12037,0
5Flat press1250 x 650400max. 400 °C15X18,5
6Flat press1250 x 650400max. 400 °C15X18,5

Bestand: Fräsen

Number of axesTypeLength × width (mm)Max. height (mm)SuctionCFRP suitability
12Spain2400 x 2400100X
23WEMAS1250 x 600650XX
33 (4)WEMAS1400 x 700 (350)650 (350)XX
45Reis2500 x 1500700X

Bestand: Wasserstrahlen

Number of axesManufacturerLength × width (mm)Max. height (mm)
12Eckart6000 x 300060
22STM2400 x 150050
32STM6000 x 350050

Our quality

Our team has high quality standards. We safeguard this standard using a range of tests and by validating processes in our own laboratory, which is fully equipped with:

  • X-ray equipment
  • ultrasonic measuring device
  • infrared camera
  • DSC
  • refractometer

We can measure the following data independently:

  • adhesion tests (according to DIN EN ISO 4624)
  • 3-D measurements

The entire development and production process is thus monitored and controlled.

Certification according to:
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015