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Flexibility and quality

  • system supplier from prototype to series production
  • flexible processes and process engineering
  • custom and high-quality solutions
  • tool and mould making
  • single-item production and series production

Process technologies

  • vacuum injection process
  • winding process
  • Prepreg
  • hand laminate
  • hot press process/auto-hot 3D
  • CAD/CAM based pre-fabrication and mechanical machining by then use of CNC machines

We offer contract manufacturing for your projects:

Cutten 50“ und 100“

  • high-performance cutters for cutting textile materials
  • wide range of batch-relevant finishing work
  • large variety of parts, complex shapes and large volumes


  • carbon fibre, films, glass fibre, leather, various polymers

2D milling

  • flat-bed milling machine for two-dimensional milling from above
  • fast implementation in programming
  • cost-effective production
  • suitable for large panels


  • MDF, various foams

3D milling

  • milling gantry robot proven for milling master models and direct moulds
  • production of series and direct moulds
  • fast processing of small batches
  • high repeat accuracy


  • industrial wood, model foam

CNC machining

  • 3-axis and 4-axis machines with extraction and/or dust-binding emulsion



Water jet cutting

  • high-pressure water jet with clean-cut edges
  • suitable for any shape part
  • no material distortion and no structural changes
  • no thermal deformation
  • cuts almost all materials in a range of thicknesses
  • system pressure up to 4000 bar
  • heavy-duty support for parts weighing up to 1200 kg/m²


  • aramid, glass, fibreglass, granite, graphite, ceramic, carbon fibre, marble; metals: aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, tool steel


  • spray booth for components measuring 5 × 3 metres
  • optimum results also during preparation and drying
  • uniform flow to avoid air vortices
  • painting in automotive quality


  • glass, wood, plastic, metal

Examples of our versatility:

  • master model construction and/or mould construction, with and without heating, using GRP or CFRP
  • design and in-house implementation of direct moulds milled from model foam for single item production or small series (up to 30 pieces)
  • in-house fixture construction
  • battery housings made from CFRP
  • rotor blade frames
  • small rotor blades (up to 6 m long)
  • trailing edge combs for rotor blades
  • structural components in public spaces
  • CT and MRI tables and back panels
  • high-quality cladding parts in medical technology
  • mock-ups for trade fairs and testing
  • door trainers for aviation
  • measuring and test gauges made of CFRP
  • prototype construction and specimen construction in wind energy
  • self-supporting boat flooring for inland waterway vessels
  • cabins for high-end motorhomes made of GRP or CFRP
  • structures to support mirrors for solar thermal power plants
  • spare parts & service solutions in wind energy
  • 3D printed parts
  • contract work in the field of water jet cutting and cutting

If we do something, we do it well!