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Following one year‘s research, we have understood the chemistry of fire protection and can respond to the specific requirements of customers. BuReComp® can be produced with every injectable glass and virtually every resin. Thereby it offers the possibility of finding the right solution for every product – now with proven fire protection properties, too.

In order to be able to ensure consistently high quality, fire tests in accordance with valid fire safety standards are carried out in our in-house laboratory.

With the innovative technology of the BuReComp®, in fire endurance tests in accordance with the Construction Standard DIN 4102 and the FTP codes applied in shipbuilding, rear side temperatures considerable lower than the required limit values can be achieved.

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  • High level of fire protection properties
  • Low smoke development
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Efficient production thanks to vacuum injection
  • Assurance of high and consistent levels of quality via tests in our in-house laboratory